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40th Anniversary Celebration

Thursday, May 14, 2015
Stonehurst: The Paine Estate

Waltham, MA

On May 14, 2015, the Clearway School celebrated its 40th anniversary with a party at Stonehurst, the Paine Estate, in Waltham.  Over 150 people attended this festive event on a lovely spring evening to celebrate Clearway’s founding in 1975. Attendees included many alumni from Clearway and their families, as well as current students, faculty, staff, and supporters from the area. The celebration was also a fundraiser, and many guests participated in a silent auction to benefit the school. Money raised from the event will support Clearway’s technology initiative, among other projects.

At the event, Peter Rosen, Co-Director of Clearway, spoke about the school’s history and current success as an educational resource for students from many towns in the state. When Clearway started there were just a few students, currently there are 36, keeping the school small, with an average class student teacher ratio of 5:1 has always been a hallmark of Clearway.

Chairperson of the Clearway School Board, Juanita Lorenz, also addressed the attendees, describing the current state of the school and thanking Clearway for the support it offered to her family. Ms. Lorenz’s son was a student at Clearway and is now a full-time college student.

A highlight of the event was an emotional and very personal presentation by Jacob Waxman, an alumni of Clearway. Jacob described his transformation from an extremely shy student at Clearway, where he was encouraged to make steady progress toward gaining confidence and ease in social and academic situations. Now, Jacob is a writer and actor, and he spoke with eloquence and humor about how his Clearway experience was transformative.

State Representative Kay Kahn, and a representative from Newton’s Mayor, Setti Warren, were present to give commendation to Clearway and mark the 40th anniversary.

Awards and recognition were given to Lauren Lele, Director of Volunteers at Newton Wellesley Hospital for her ongoing support of Clearway, and to Dr. Lynne Uhl for her long service on the Clearway Board. In addition a special award was given to members of the Clearway staff,  Vin D’Aleo, Roberta Paul, Kerry Dougherty, and Mary Ryan for their combined service of 100 years.

Jacob Waxman

Jacob Waxman, Alumnus

Peter Rosen

Peter Rosen, Co-Director



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