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For the last 20 years, Clearway School has had after-school programming designed to help students connect socially. These programs were begun at the request of parents and are funded by donations so that any student can participate regardless of financial means.

During the 2016-7 school year, all after-school programming ends at 4:30.

During the week of September 14th, Soccer begins (Monday and Wednesday) and the Thursday after-school social group also begins.

Additional after-school programming is added as the year progresses.

Over the years, Clearway’s after-school programming has expanded. The programming offered can vary from year to year, but during the 2015-6 the following programs were offered:

Thursday after-school social group– Students participating in this program did social activities in the community with support from our staff. Students participate in activities including bowling, mini-golf, karaoke, games, etc. This group was Clearway’s first after-school program and designed to help students develop friendships and have time to socialize. This program has operated consistently for 21 years.

After-school sports– Despite being such a small school, Clearway offered a sports team option in all 3 seasons during the 2015-2016 school-year. Seasons extended roughly 8 to 10 weeks and Clearway offered soccer in the fall, basketball in the winter, and Ultimate Frisbee in the spring. Teams are inclusive and open to all who wish to participate. Students will participate in a few games each season against other small, special education schools. 2016-01-20 15.54.35 (640x427)







After-school art and music (9 weeks in the winter on Tuesdays)- Students work together to create a multi-sensory art project to be presented at Art’s Night in January.  With the support of the art & music specialists, students collaborate on a group art project (see below) Throughout the process, students work on a music video documenting their progress through the creation of the group art work.

.after school art work

After-school role-playing games (8 weeks in the winter on Fridays to 2:30)- Role playing games are an exciting way for students to develop story-telling skills, understand the importance of character and plot development, and learn to work together toward a common goal. Adventures will be led by Clearway staff as well as students who are experienced with the format of role playing games.


After-school Minecraft club (7 week trial in the spring/summer on Fridays to 2:30)-Students worked together on a shared server to create a world and discuss what they were creating.

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