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Get ready: this May 2018, we will welcome back our alumni. You can see all the happy faces from our great turnout at the last alumni dinner on Thursday May 26, 2016. Clearway alumni, current and former staff and members of the junior and senior classes came together for a night of reminiscing and sharing with familiar and new faces. After a delicious dinner, each alumni had an opportunity to introduce him/herself to the group and give a little update on his/her life after Clearway. It was amazing to hear the various paths some took and even more impressive to see the growth and confidence in them as they spoke.
Juniors and seniors had an opportunity to talk with alumni about college, jobs, buying a home, getting married and having children! Fortunately, networking was easy since Clearway alumni feel so connected to Clearway School and its current students.


“Alumni News!

On June 22, 2017, Isaiah Berson gave the alumni speech at graduation. His words inspired graduates as he shared messages about lessons he learned at Clearway that he took with him to the “Real World”.

Jeremy Warren spoke on behalf of the staff. Jeremy’s speech connected beautifully with our graduates.

Let’s make this page full of information and news! You need to stay connected and informed.

Please contact  Kerry Dougherty ( or Mary Ryan ( to submit your  stories detailing their life after Clearway.



“Clearway allowed me to recognize and work around my disability. As a direct result of the skills and confidence I gained from my time at clearway I am working my dream job as a Network Support Engineer for a tech startup.”  Isaiah Berson, Class of 2012


“A great place to learn and think, while also being a place to make great friends with not only the students, but the teachers as well.”
~Jonathan Tumblin Class of 2015


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