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Clearway School continues to be run under a Co-Director model. Currently, there are four Co-Directors who share in the administrative functions of the school. Although their responsibilities vary, all Co-Directors perform some direct care with students. This direct care is essential for Co-Directors to be connected to the needs of the program and our students.

Becky Holloway

Rebecca supervises teachers and oversees the curriculum being implemented in academic and elective classes.

Kerry Dougherty

Kerry works closely with high school students and their families as they progress through the transition process.

Peter Rosen

Peter is the Educational Administrator at Clearway School and in that capacity is responsible for oversight of Clearway’s educational program.

Mary Ryan

Mary is the Administrator of Clearway School. She is in charge of the day-to-day running of the program.


Chris Flouton-Barnes

Administrative Assistant

Vin D’Aleo

History Teacher

Nick Devers

Math & Science Teacher

Bobbie Morton

Math & Science Teacher

Pamela Narang

English & Math Teacher

Diane Nozawa

Orton Gillingham Specialist

Julianne Stafford

English Teacher

Lindsay Schelhorn

Speech & Language Pathologist

Myles Gordon

History Teacher

Sarah Carpenter

School Clinician

Mark Van Savage

Drama Specialist

Erin Bisceglia

Art Specialist

Ricky Hawkins

Technology and Electives Specialist

Jill Lane

Social Studies Teacher

Casey McNulty

Technology Specialist

Kellan Thomas

Music Specialist


Juanita Lorenz

Board President

Margot Flouton

Board Clerk

Eric Finamore

Board Member

Adam Kohrman

Board Member

Alison Merrill

Board Member

Carla Tishler

Board Member

Corey Heady

Board Member

Mary Ryan

Board Member

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