Student Showcase Night

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Student Showcase Night

On June 9th Clearway School held its first Student Showcase, a collection of student’s work on display from their various elective classes. Families browsed the many works ranging from student built Model Engines to interactive computer programs that presented creatures in made-up environments. During the evening, there were student performances which included student performed Monologues and an active group of students participating in Musical Improv.

Each year at Clearway School all students work on an Interdisciplinary Unit that focuses on a particular theme, students then work on an activity in each academic class that incorporates that theme. This year, the theme was “balance”. Students created mobiles which displayed the work they completed representing “balance” in each curriculum area as well as “balance” representing student’s individual interests.

Most importantly, the evening was dedicated to Roberta Paul, who has been Clearway School’s art teacher for 33 years. Roberta has decided to retire from teaching and spend her time focusing on her career as a professional artist. Peter Rosen, a Co-Director, spoke of Roberta’s dedication and commitment to the Clearway students over the years. Many former students were in attendance to celebrate Roberta’s retirement. The Clearway School Literary magazine, a compilation of student’s writing was dedicated to Roberta.


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